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Beyond the Brew: How Sweden’s Fika Culture Brews Success in Work and Life

In the heart of Scandinavia, there’s a little secret to success that’s as much about closing your laptop as it is about opening it. Welcome to Sweden, where the mantra of work-life balance has become the very fabric of society. Here, the ‘Fika principle’ isn’t just a coffee break; it’s a daily ritual that holds […]

How does Quiet Quitting effect the HR Department, and what can be done about it?

The term “quiet quitting” was first coined in March 2022 by Brian Creely, a Gen-X career coach and employment influencer. He used the phrase to describe employees who are fulfilling their job requirements, but not taking initiative, working overtime or volunteering for extra projects or responsibilities. Creely argued that this trend was a silent protest […]

The AI tools for HR Managers and Recruiters

If anyone is feeling anxious about all the AI conversation in the news and around town, I’ve been reading articles that say don’t be – a lot of it we have all been using for ages anyway, and the new stuff is only here to help us…as Chatbot told me, “AI should be used as a tool to […]

Addressing the Digital Skills Gap

From the ongoing impact of the COVID to the growing need for digital skills and changing employee expectations, HR teams in London are tasked with managing complex and diverse workforces. In this series we look at issues and problems we’ve identified and we provide some strategies. Addressing the Digital Skills Gap The demand for digital […]