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Navigating Brexit

From the ongoing impact of the COVID to the growing need for digital skills and changing employee expectations, HR teams in London are tasked with managing complex and diverse workforces.

In this series we look at issues and problems we’ve identified and we provide some strategies.

Navigating Brexit

Brexit continues to be a significant challenge for HR teams in London, particularly for those with employees from the European Union (EU). Navigating complex immigration laws and ensuring compliance with new regulations.

Here are some ways HR teams can manage the impact of Brexit:

1. Stay up-to-date with legal changes: Stay informed about the latest changes to employment and immigration laws in the UK, including changes to work visas, right to work checks, and other regulations.

2. Review employment contracts: Review employment contracts to ensure that they comply with any changes in employment laws as a result of Brexit. This may include changes to immigration status or eligibility to work in the UK.

3. Plan for talent acquisition: Modify talent acquisition strategies to account for changes in immigration rules. This may include sourcing talent from other regions or countries, or working with immigration lawyers to navigate visa requirements.

4. Communicate with employees: Communicate any changes to employment laws or visa requirements to employees to ensure that they are aware of their rights and obligations.

5. Prepare for the impact on the workforce: Brexit may impact the UK workforce, including potential staff shortages and changes in the availability of certain skill sets. Prepare for these changes and adapt workforce strategies accordingly.

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